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The first step is to gather information about your new website. I will ask lots of questions to understand your business and aims. What is the purpose, goals, target audience and content of your website. I can help to identify obstacles and offer various solutions.


Using the information gathered I will create a prototype to show the look and feel of the site. Taking into account the target audience, business objectives and branding. Through communication and the sharing of ideas we arrive at the final design.


This is where the website is created. Working from the approved prototype, the functionality and interactive elements are integrated. The website is optimised through responsive design to work on all devices from mobile phones to large desktop computers.


The website is thoroughly tested for functionality, compatability issues and optimisation. On final approval the website is uploaded to the web server and officially launched. Training is offered on how to use and if applicable update your new website.

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Our Service

Web Design

A comprehensive and professional service for individuals to large companies. From small static sites to large dynamic advanced functioning web applications. Websites are built with the end user in mind. I will consult with you to maximise your websites potential. Websites are build bespoke to your needs.

Front End Development

Use the most up-to-date coding to layout your website, with HTML5, CSS3 and javascript. The Jquery library allows for easy integration of slide slows and animated features to enhance your website. I can create my own designs or convert your PSD files if required.


WordPress , Drupal and Joomla are the most powerful platform which allow for content management and blogging integration. Currently the most popular CMS used on the web. WordPress , Drupal and Joomla allow you to easily control and update the content on your website.

UX Design

Usability and enhanced customer satisfaction are at the heart of my designs. Menus and other navigation should be intuitive and make accessing your content a joy.

PHP Development

PHP is a server-side scripting language and general purpose programming language that can be embedded into HTML. The use of PHP with mySQL databases can produce dynamic, advanced functioning websites such as an e-commerce shop.

Responsive Design

All web content I create is 100% responsive. Meaning they are pixel perfect on any type of device or any screen size. My designs are made so they detect the screen size and position your content in the most suitable way.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It’s no good having a fantastic website if no one knows sees it. I will work to optimise your SEO on your website to be as search engine-friendly as possible. I can offer advice on link-building and integrating Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter on your website.


After creating your hand coded website. If you require a weekly post to be published or a seasonal update. On going maintenance is available, and subject to negotiation.

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